Thursday, 28 January 2010

A new style of advert for Plymouth

Well yes I know really this just seems like I'm copying Plymothian Transit now! I had meant to have post this earlier in the week - but in the wealth of english essays to complete and engineering projects to be done for the deadlines tomorrow this completely slipped my mind! But thats life I suppose!

Anyway here shows FDC's Volvo B7 69079 one of the ones that has joined the fleet from Glasgow. On the side as you may have noticed is a rather obscure advert for the Herald, which personally I don't particularity like. It spoils the lines of the bus along with it being unpleasant for the passengers and it not really being compatible to use with the Ugobus branding! Certainly it is eye catching than the more standard big sticker along the side but whether it'll catch on I have my doubts! Some of you may have seen that other divisions of First have had an extra rail put on the roof to be able to put on a double decker style advert, but without the need for the extra deck! Who knows maybe that's on the way and this was a cheap fix?

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