Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The End is nie

With thanks to Plymothian Transit, it has been annouced that the Mercedes 709s at Plymouth Citybus will be ending their lives very shortly.

It is thought that the buses that will replace them are Optare Solos from Wilts and Dorset which have recently been replaced by newer Solos on 'RouteONE' in Poole. All of these Solos are V registered, a large amount still operate for W&D all over the town. Indeed W&D were the first company to operate the Solo and contributed heavily in the development of the original Solo.

So grab your cameras yet again for what is pretty much the end of the true Minibus era. Of course the Solos are classed as a Minibus, but were designed specifically not to feel or look like a Minibus - something I think they've achieved very well.

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