Tuesday, 8 December 2009

WA54OLP seen in Torbay!

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Well yes very old news but I have just stumbled across this fantastic photo from Jeff Day of 32757 operating a RAIL REPLACEMENT service in Paignton!

The bus was being used when the branch line between Newton Abbot and Paignton was closed and therefore when brand new in 2005, WA54 OLP traveled up to cover for the trains between the towns. I think this must be about the furthest she's been from home, considering the Tridents arn't really supposed to be used on any other services apart from the 81s!

Thanks again to Jeff. To see more of his excellent photos please visit

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Luke Farley said...


The Tridents were used on this rail replacement contract BEFORE they entered service at Torpoint. Following delivery to Plymouth, they were then sent to Torbay for this purpose - along with some Wright Gemini Volvo B10Ms, which were diverted from a delivery to Manchester.

So in fact, this batch actually carried passengers in Torbay, before ever making it to Torpoint.