Tuesday 15 December 2009

A PCB repaint as well!

As has been mentioned on Plymothian Transit, Plymouth Citybus have yet again put a Dart into the Dial A Cab branded livery, though it looks a lot fresher and brighter than the last dark blue livery on L126 YOD.

Sorry for the poor photography but I wasn't really ready for it, and that place in Royal Parade is not ideal! Also to add to misery my Canon is starting to develop a common problem with the S5 and S3 ISs this been with the lens. After researching this I've found that the error I've been getting is very common in this type of Canon after just 2 years! Mine is coming up to its 2nd birthday soon so it does all add up. Hopefully there may be a more quick fix I can do but if now then its a lengthy 3 week wait for a proper Canon repair in Germany! It may be back to the old Vivitar over Christmas!

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