Thursday, 10 December 2009

WNPG passes to SPG

(420 and 1202 seen together at the Kingsbridge event in 2008)

Western National Bristol SU, 270 KTA, fleet number 420 has passed into the capable hands of David Sheppard, of BBC Local Radio.

270 KTA has been owned by WNPG for many years now and has been seen at a wide range of rallies in the region over this period, her last event being the Plymouth Hoe Rally this 'summer'. Ironically myself and Dave rode on 420 on the Sunday. (or was it 1202?) Anyway she now joins SPG's (Sheppard Preservation Group) ever growing collection which now includes:

Bristol SU - 270 KTA - 420 - Western National
Bristol SU - 275 KTA - 425 - Western National
Bristol FLF - GLJ 748D - 1540 - Hants and Dorset

He has mentioned to me he'd always wanted to own a pair of something and now this has come true with the two SUs matching near perfectly.

(Also owned by Dave, Sister bus 275 KTA)

270 KTA was sold due to funding problems within the WNPG. Sadly this is effecting the preservation circle, just as it is effecting real operators and WNPG has had to cut back on its fleet to save and make money at the same time.

Dave presents his show on Saturday nights between 10 and 1 on 95.7 FM so do tune in for the odd comment about buses (well really wherever he can squeeze one in!)

Good luck to Dave in the future preservation of the bus! It is great to have the sisters re-united!

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