Friday, 16 December 2011

Subtle Citaro

As expected, this week has been preposterously hectic, but no matter, I managed a few hours in Plymouth this evening, and indeed Plymouth yet again didn't disappoint the bus enthusiast! 

So Plymouth Citybus has now painted up the first of the Citaros into the new livery and I would suggest that it looks a lot more subtle on the Citaro in comparison to the rest of the fleet. Perhaps it was just the dull weather, but it certainly didn't seem to stand out as much as it has done on other models. This livery also appears to suit the lines of the Citaro even worse than it did on the Dart, although it matches perfectly with the Enviro 200's. The old livery always looked particularly good on the Citaros when comparing it to other models in the fleet, with the two colour bands, but this single block colour just doesn't quite look right on the Citaro. Perhaps a bit of flaring with the red across the windows towards the rear would have done the trick, but then we again enter further debating! 

Enviro 200 134 is set to be the next one to be put into the livery. The only types remaining to be put into the livery now are the East Lancs Volvo B7s, and the Ex Oxford Wright bodied Darts.  


Anonymous said...

In this part of the country Go North East have Mercedes Citaros in red, gold, silver/grey and orange tan.

The red (on the red arrows services) is by far the most eye-catching, although they do look nice in the all-over silver/grey livery on the silver arrows services.

Laurence Mayhew said...

I've just had a little look on Flickr at the various liveries. That red is certainly very smart, the simpler liveries generally seem to work much better on Citaros. Silver is my personal favorite out of the 4 though, although isn't quite as impressive as Central Connect's 'Signature' livery on their Citaros: