Saturday, 17 December 2011

Another K-ORL bites the dust

The 2nd of the K-ORL batch of Volvo Olympians has now been withdrawn from service with First Devon and Cornwall, now awaiting her rendezvous with the scrap man. I've always really liked this photo, many spotters obsess over passengers and street furniture getting in the way of their photos, and indeed at times I do to. But a really nice working shot like this can just paint the picture of what they were like so much better than a more 'unrealistic' shot ever could. 

K804 ORL was the 1st of the batch to arrive in Torpoint during the imminent withdrawal of the C-HJN Leyland Olympians back in 2008, joining sister K802 ORL which joined the fleet way back in 2005 during the withdrawal of the final Bristol VRs. Strange to think that the final VRs left us over 5 years ago, but that's another story! K804 has been plagued with problems for a while now as has been reported on previous occasions, so it certainly seemed to be marking the way for her to be withdrawn at the nearest opportunity. Now that Torpoint has gained an extra Trident K804 is surplus to requirement, although it has been rumored that an N reg Volvo Olympian has joined the Plymouth fleet, although I have yet to see this confirmed. 

This photo shows her where she is currently resting up at Stuart's Bus and Truck, the Plymouth Volvo dealer, waiting out the days before she is carted off for scraping. I can't say I'm incredibly sorry to see this one go, but it certainly suggests the final two will be coming up for withdrawal at some point during 2012. It is a sorry sight to see these old stalwarts of Plymouth finally coming to the end of their 19 year career, totally played out within the confines of Devon. Its not often these days that a batch of buses are kept local for their whole life within one of the large groups. K804 herself has given sterling service to customers on the X80 during her early life, and even to passengers of Penzance, when these enjoyed a day out on the old X1 into Cornwall. K804 has spent time on the moors on the 82, and on the Tavistock services, even penetrating Truro and local routes around Camborne during her time spent on college run 928 from Tavistock. And of course, latterly joining the elite band of buses at Torpoint, which only the few selected can complete a trip on! We say farewell to K804, with 2 down, and 2 to go.

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