Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Need another present?

Understandably, this week there's very little going on with various reductions in services and the like, although First's effort in producing special timetables for the next 3 days of service is quite interesting in its own right. But what I shall introduce here is this proposition. Do you feel you worked particularly hard this year, or didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas? Got a spare £650'000? Well you could be the new owner of St Austell depot! Or, if that's a bit pricey for your liking why not have Newquay, a mear snip at just £125'000? Really strapped for cash after too many mince pies? How about Callington at just £50'000! Click the links below to view the sales in detail!





G said...

I'll try again! ;-)

Good finds Laurence. Newquay is on there too, I see (ref: 476).

Laurence Mayhew said...

LOL! I quite enjoyed seeing the progression to sanity actually Graeme ;-)

Oh thank you, I hadn't noticed that! I shall add that in as well, cheers.

G said...


fritz jankleheer said...

torpoint for sale also

Anonymous said...

MMMM it looks like First is getting ready to pull out of Devon and Cornwall. If you read the latest Buses magazine the new managing director is looking at selling off its rural operations where there are more sheep than people!!!

A nice purchase opprtunity for Western Greyhound, Go Ahead or Stagecoach me thinks. I never thought First were a top notch PLC especially where its buses are concerned, although their train ops are better!