Friday, 9 December 2011

At long last

After literally months of scouring Cornwall on the odd Saturdays I have FINALLY caught up with the illusive, N235 KAE! Since N235 arrived in Cornwall in mid October, I have only ever come across her once, and by that time, I didn't have time for a trip, and if you remember, even that meeting was a fluke. Since October 22nd N235 has been hiding from me at all costs. But alas she could hide no longer on Saturday as we met once again in Camborne Bus Station, where she waited expectantly as I arrived on a Volvo B7 from Truro. 

If anyone had told me a few years ago I'd spend months trying to hunt down a DART, I would have thought they were mad, and consequently this whole expedition to find her has shaken me, but I have to admit it, it was well worth the effort! N235 really is a brilliant little Dart. She's obviously been very well looked after up in Bristol and Bath over the years, and she really pulled well. Even the driver commented on how good it was, even as a non-enthusiast (who thought I was completely mad!) realised and appreciated the significance of N235's presence in Cornwall. 

So I shall therefore include a short video of N235 on the trip I took aboard her on the 39 from Camborne to Helston (which is a very nice little route by the way), giving you the chance to experience what she's like! Long may she continue service down here, although as it stands, her future appears completely undecided. 

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