Thursday, 22 December 2011

Replacement rolls in

With thanks to a contributor, I can bring you these great photos of Volvo Olympian P568 EFL being prepared for service at The Ride. This is one of the large batch that were once owned by Stagecoach, but in 2002 were returned off lease, and many if not all of these proceeded to be bought by First Group, and sent to various subsidiaries across the UK, with a majority going to either Manchester or Southampton. P568 is clearly an Ex-Southampton vehicle thanks to the tell tale signs of the extra black paint around the upper deck windows, which is clearly visible. We can safely presume therefore that K804 ORL won't be making a return to service, but this addition may also end up seeing off one of the K-LAE Ex-Bristol Leyland Olympians, but of course as with everything, only time will tell!  

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