Sunday, 18 December 2011

Snap on Sunday

For this week's Snap on Sunday I have selected this shot from Friday lunchtime of two of Plymouth Citybus' ex-Trent Volvo Citybus B10Ms. They're seen here on Paradise Road coming down to work a special service for the early finishers at DHSB. 'Luckily' the two turned up around 20-30 minutes after everyone had already dispersed, all had either walked, or caught a service bus into town by this point. I persevered and was duly rewarded with the choice of these two beasts all to myself! G615 has always been a personal favorite of mine, but I'd never been on F600, so on I hopped for the trip down into Royal Parade. The Citycoach driver was very friendly on the trip into town, commenting that he hadn't "Driven one of these for yonks!", but was still impressed with these machines! These Volvos really were brilliantly put together, and even at the 'grand old age' of 23, these really do fly! Unlike most buses these never seemed to lose any performance the older they've got, where as replacement have never really lived up to the reputation these have. This is no doubt why the E-BTAs lasted so long in frontline service, and also why the D-GHY batch are still used today on Cornwall's open top service 300. I'd challenge anyone to come up with something as well built as these in fact!

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