Saturday, 21 February 2009


Over the past couple of days I have had very little news to report on! Though Saturday will see a trip to Exeter and Taunton so hopefully some things of interest will be seen there!

Therefore this post is about 3 videos I have made over the past couple of days all avalible on youtube on the following links : - This video showcases what PTOTPA has to offer including buses, ferries and trains in the area. - This video is my tribute to driver Derrick Cuff including all picture and videos of his time as a PCV driver in the Plymouth area - This video showcases events that have been visited and will report on in the coming future including Penzance, Weymouth, Kingsbridge, Westpoint and Bristol. Many more should be enjoyed in the near future.

Comments are welcome on all of these videos. I hope you enjoy them! More will come soon and you will be notified of this through the blog!

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