Monday, 16 February 2009

Class 37 visits Plymouth!

Louis and I took a trip into Plymouth station today for most of the day. Though the most exciting bit was nearer the end of the day. Around 10 train spotters turned up to witness DRS's Class 37, 37605 pull into Plymouth from its trip all the way from Derby. The beast even arrived 30 minutes early so none of us were ready when she roled not so gracfully into Plymouth. More astonishing was that she was 7 minutes late to start with. Show how good these old girls still are!

She is currently parked up in Platform 2 at Plymouth where Gunnislake trains rest until needed. The unit is down here for route training duties. Its last day here will be Thursday. Tomorow she will be doing the following:

PLYMOUTH (Dock 4) depart 19:45

Gunnislake 20:28 - 20:33 (Reverse)

Plymouth (Platform 5) 21:16 - 21:25 (Reverse)

Liskeard 21:55 - 22:00 (Reverse)

Looe 22:28 - 22:56 (Reverse)

Liskeard 23:22 - 23:27 (Reverse)

PLYMOUTH (Dock 4) arrive 23:53.

She will leave Plymouth on Thursday for her run back up the country. I will try to find out timings for you if possible.

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