Sunday, 29 April 2012

Snap on Sunday

Still playing around with the new camera, with some guidance from the expert hand of Mr Rice, I'm beginning to learn my way round the new Nikon getting to grips with the astounding things that it seems to be able to do; that's if you know what your doing of course! 

With the saturation levels whacked right up the Nikon is able to make WA54 OLT look brand new once more, even on such a dull day as today has been. 

With the saturation at normal levels we see the true colours of the Tridents shine through. The range of colours on a day like this though is quite amazing, my old Canon had no where near the colour range the Nikon is able to achieve. 

This is probably my favorite photos I've taken so far, depicting A-Line's R651 YCR. The sharpness the Nikon can produce is also completely unrivaled by my old Canon. The whole feel of the camera is completely different, with it just being able to react so much faster. I thought the old S5IS was decent, but it really isn't a patch on what the D5000 is able to produce. And I thought camera technology hadn't moved on; how naive I was! 

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