Sunday, 15 April 2012

Snap on Sunday

The Snap on Sunday was an outright obvious one for me this week, depicted is the glorious beast that is D367 JJD playing her trade on the 20 to Marton Mere in Blackpool. D367's original identity was D263 FUL which some of you may recognise as being the final Leyland Olympian ever to be bodied by ECW, as well as the final vehicle ever produced by ECW before production was transferred to the to Leyland where the old Leyland National factory was then used to body them using the old ECW molding. More on the Blackpool scene later in the week.  


Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say D263 FUL :)

This wasn't just the final Olympian, it was also the last vehicle ever made by ECW. The reverse of the body panels were signed by the (soon to be all ex) employees if I recall correctly..

Laurence Mayhew said...

Indeed I do, well spotted thank you! No idea why I ended up putting D236 FYL! A couple of mistypes I'll presume.

Ohh blimey really, I thought it may well have been, but didn't want to presume it without knowing. Ah that's brilliant, what a wonderful touch :) Hopefully this will have a bright future in preservation, as someone mentioned to me
"I would imagine it will have people queing up for her when she rolls into the depot for the last time."
Certainly holds enough significance to warrant it making it into preservation.

Seth said...

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