Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Limping no longer

It was unfortunate to hear that Riverlink (Rail River Link) Leyland Olympian OFS 702Y came to the end of her working life last week after many a year of hard graft working across pretty much the whole country! The old girl started off life right up north with Lothian, before ending her life right down south in Totnes. OFS unfortunately has been riddled with problems since her introduction with Riverlink, spending a large amount of time off the road. A lot of money was spent on her over the years, but none of it seemed to remedy what you would have hoped would have been a really reliable vehicle coming from such a well respected company. Not once did I ever actually spot her in service, I personally have absolutely no photos of this bus whatsoever! Luckily with thanks to Nicholas Morton, I am able to share this one with you, in her final weeks of operation. OFS has now been replaced by two vehicles, one being a Royale bodied Volvo Olympian M832 HVC, new as a demonstrator vehicle, and the other a K reg Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympian, but with a Gardner fitted, rather than the usual Cummins! The Royale has been out and about already as pictured below, still her in East Yorkshire Motor Company livery, a feature which the K reg also shares at this moment in time.  

For your enjoyment as well I have also included a video of OFS 702Y after being converted to a semi auto gearbox rather than a fully auto, with thanks to Kameron Allan, from whom which the Royale photo also comes with from, with thanks from me. 

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David said...

another nice olympian with Riverlink now is this one:-)