Saturday, 7 April 2012

Further preservation

Roselyn continue their commitment to their hard working members of the fleet, announcing the newest member with this accolade, Volvo B10M 237 AJB originally registered E44 SAF. E44 was brand new to Roselyn way back in 1988, and yet 24 years on we still see her in daily use with the company. In fact I photographed her just yesterday, operating the regular Plymouth Service, but is also is often seen operating trips for football supporters to Plymouth Argyle on match weekends. And yet even though she's 24, that timeless Van Hool bodywork, and a bit of TLC has kept her looking young and fresh, another fine example of a Van Hool bodied vehicle that completely masks her real age. I've always admired Roselyn in the fact that they will keep a vehicle going past their usual 'sell by date' to particularly please a driver than enjoys a particular bus, as was the case with one of the TTT-X Ex Plymouth Citybus Leyland Atlanteans which still ran with the company until very recently, E44 being another great example of this commitment to their employees. I've been a fan off E44 for many years, and yet infuriatingly, she's always managed to allude me every time I have a slim possibility of riding on her, but hopefully, not anymore!

Not come May 6th, where Roselyn will again open their doors to enthusiasts for their open day, the first of which was held 2 years ago. They will once again be offering open top tours of the area, quite possibly using their own open top vehicle this year rather than ones hired in from Chepstow Classic Buses, as well as other tours using classic buses and coaches. They'll also have a band their once again which was certainly an interesting and quite possibly unique feature for a bus rally, also supplied in 2010. E44 will undoubtedly be there alongside the rest of the preserved fleet including a Beford VAL, Bristol VR and Bristol Lodekka. But first to come is the annual Penzance Running Day next Sunday organised by the Cornwall Bus Preservation Group which I'll do a full post to remind you about later on next week.  

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