Sunday, 18 March 2012

Snap on Sunday

I simply cannot decide between them yet again this week, so it shall be another multi photo post, but all of the same bus. I was extremely lucky to get this photo for several reasons, but thankfully all combined together to create some, even if I do say myself, stunning photos. Firstly and most vitally, this duty is usually a Trident operated run, and not that of a Volvo Olympian. Secondly, K801 ORL was on it, even though there was a Trident on the usual Olympian duty. Thirdly, usually the bus I was on would have met the service at Whitsand Bay Holiday Camp, but we were running late due to only 2 ferries being in operation at the time, causing delays. Fouthly, the driver usually would have continued on and passed by at another opportunity, but luckily he spotted K801 early and held the bus in the same position, not only allowing perfect framing, but also getting rid of the risk of jaulting as we were going along. Fithly, the weather was glorious at this point, even though I had been suitably soaked a mere few hours earlier. Sixthly, the windows were clean, a rarity! Seventhly, even though I was around 10 rows back from the front, the Canon somehow managed to zoom in far enough, and was able to focus on the correct objects! Eigthly, the sun was behind me! If it had been infront there would have been far too much reflection to even bother trying. And ninthly, possibly the most vital of all, the kids who were sitting at the front refrained from standing up just long enough for me to press the trigger! I will now let you bask in the glory of K801 ORL operating along Whitsand Bay

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