Sunday, 11 March 2012

Snap on Sunday

Its been a difficult decision this week for the Snap on Sunday, so I'm indulging myself in allowing 2 after some successful exam results from the January modules. Only one more set to come, with just 82 days left until I leave DHSB. 

To start with, although the weather was a bit grey at this point the photo still came out pretty well with Leyland Olympian K616 LAE crossing the river in Totnes operating on the X80 to Torquay. It appears that there is a bit of a shortage of serviceable Tridents at the moment, with both K616 and P568 EFL out on X80/1s yesterday, and for several days throughout last week. This has left K801 ORL to enjoy some trips to Torpoint into what must now be her final few of months of service. Unfortunately I made completely the wrong decision of buying a Stagecoach Explorer ticket yesterday, so didn't get to bask in the glory of either of the Olympians on the X80/1! One of the many frustrations of bus spotting, having the wrong ticket! 

So anyway, we press on into Exeter hoping to sample some of the delights of their Volvo Olympians which really are now on their final legs. Its believed that most if not all of the remaining Olympians will be withdrawn within the next month as the Scania Enviro 400s continue to trickle in on the 12, displacing Tridents to take on the Olympian duties. Annoying, not one appeared to be out in service on Saturday, but 4 were lined up down in the bus station allowing an interesting, but not technically perfect shot thanks to WGL's Enviro being parked to next to them. The sole remaining B10M was also visible in the bus station, but again a trip out never materialised for the old girl. 


Mark said...

The B10M tends to be used on School Runs only. It normally passes me as I walk to work

Anonymous said...

I think the Stagecoach Olympians will have a last horrah in the summer when some of the Scania's have a trip to London for olympic work so dont count them out yet