Tuesday 6 March 2012

Pulling power

While we're on the subject of Olympians, I'd like to introduce to you this photo that I've been meaning to post for ages! Of course it was mocked among drivers that the Olympians were old and un-reliable, but of course as enthusiasts we know that that's all a load of rubbish! I'd challenge anyone to name a more reliable engine than the Gardner. Ironically though in the event depicted, the engine must be running before allowing the bus to be pulled, to keep air pressure! By the looks of it, this photo must be from quite a number of years ago, with C413 HJN blinded up for a working on the 80A to Torpoint from Polperro most likely, although it could well have been a short working from Plymouth via Paradise Road, having previously come from Polperro. Polperro itself will no longer be served by First from April 1st, seeing the end of operation of the 81B which is the Sundays only service that Torpoint depot currently run. I only ever managed to do the route once, back when it was the 80/1A, simply because by using the 81C to get from Cawsand to Antony and then changing to the 81B there, it is impossible to get to Polperro and back within 1 day! No idea how popular 81B actually is these days, but I can't imagine it being terribly well used. 

As to the actual reason why we see Torpoint Community College students towing C413 HJN, I have no idea whatsoever! Presumably some sort of fund raising event, although doesn't look like it was a particularly pleasant day to be doing it! 

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Anonymous said...

My tutor has photos of this! Tony Body at the wheal.