Friday, 30 March 2012

Bristol or bust!

With many thanks to David Morgan, I can bring you this brilliant photo of (quite obviously!) Ex-Plymouth Enviro 400, WA56 FUD back at work in her new home of Bristol. The batch will be replacing Volvo B9s on the Weston Super Mare routes, with the B9s being moved onto Park and Ride duties. Although these are slightly older (only by a year or two!) I would still say WSM have got the better deal out of this, I'd much rather have those lovely leather seats on an insignificantly 'older' bus than a newer bus with interior standard seats. As you can see 33412 has yet to be repainted, and is running around still in the 'Cloud' livery in a de-branded state, hence the off-centre 'First' on the front where it used to read "Plymouth Working together First". It is believed none have actually made it into the full new livery as of yet, but more than one is now painted in the base white/lilac ready to receive the full treatment. 


Rob said...

Any sign of the A-line B6LE?

Laurence Mayhew said...

No, not here yet. Suffered a split radiator on delivery day and is still being repaired.