Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rumba-ling along!

Ok, is this title a bit too cheesy/tenuous! I'll leave that for you to decide, but here, in all her glory, stands Leyland Olympian C412 HJN, photographed highly likely for the first time since my final photo of her taken in the summer of 2009, taken approaching 3 years ago! Yes indeed, as the DVLA promised, C412 HJN lives on in the hands of a Dance Troupe in Crewe and looks to be well looked after having just been re-painted out of the First Group livery 'with modifications' she has carried since leaving FDC, into a new all black livery. I admit, its not done her any favors in terms of looks, but is this a beauty contest?! All that I'm worried about is that finally I can see proof that the old girl, my favorite while she was at Torpoint as I'm sure you are well aware of, is alive and kicking! The interior also looks to have been untouched, and thankfully not modified or ripped out in any way, which is certainly a positive. The only noticeable cosmetic modification I can see is that they've blocked out the destination board, but not a disaster! Even the poles look like they're the same colour, AND she's retained her First 'star' and Plusbus stickers on the windows. 

She certainly therefore looks set for quite a positive future seeing as they have invested a fair amount of money in a proper re-paint for her. I'm hoping quite honestly that they'll hang onto her for a few years to come so that I'm at least in some sort of position to be able to preserve her when I'm not having to deal with mounting debts at university. Then again, this is a foolish 18 year old lad talking, what do I know about the world!? Thankfully, and re-reassuringly, I've had a lovely heart warming and positive comment from the man behind the camera of these shots, Martyn, who'll many of you will recognise as 'Renown' on Flickr;

"I remember thinking similarly to you when I was 18 umpteen years ago believing that I could never preserve a bus ... don't ever think you can't do the preservation thing as there's always a way."

My never ending thanks go to Martyn for allowing me to use his photos for the blog this evening, and for the words of wisdom!

As a footnote, my bestwishes go to fellow Plymouth transport blogger, Graham Richardson - writer of Plymothian Transit - wishing him a speedy recovery from his health scare. All the best from me, take it easy!

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