Sunday, 31 October 2010

Snap on Sunday: Something old, something new..

Two photos for the Snap on Sunday this week, this being the first as some of you will have already seen the other which I posted on Facebook earlier in the week. 

For this one I have plumped for this photo of Plymouth Citybus M130 HOD, one of the later Plymouth Citybus 'step' Darts, which will be leaving the fleet over the coming year. Naturally the M regs are expected to be the ones that last til the end, with the L regs being slowly withdrawn at the moment. Of course the exception is K107 SFJ which has been outliving several of the L reg batch, and still often sees daily service on the Shoppers Special services. Even L112 YOD or 'Dennis Dart' as 'he' is now referred to, should be withdrawn over Christmas. PCB announced on Facebook that Dennis Dart will be becoming low floor over the winter, so we shall see which he emerges as soon enough! 

But back to the photo, we had M130 down in Bretonside with the relatively new Drake's Circus Shopping Centre in the background. Strangely enough, even the shopping centre looks less of a box than the Dart! 

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