Sunday, 3 October 2010

Snap on Sunday: More Darts for PCB

Plymouth Citybus are now receiving a further batch of Dennis Darts, this time with the more conventional Plaxton bodywork rather than the Wrights that were brought in before. Here we see two of the new arrivals from 'Blue Triangle',  a London subsidiary of Go Ahead. One of these two was EU53PYO, referred to as DP203. Again these are likely to see off more of the L and M reg step entrance Darts. Indeed it is increasingly rare to see them out and about in service now. Surprisingly though the 709s if anything seem to be making a bit of a comeback. I've certainly been seeing a few more than usual out in service. Is this a reminder of how temperamental the Solo can be, or do the drivers just prefer them! 

With thanks to Plymothian Transit I have been informed these are simply down here for refurbishment and will be sent back up to London soon. This does raise the point I wrote about a few weeks ago on Go Ahead's policy of not refurbing any 'lightweight buses'. I suppose these are still in an early stage of their lives so perhaps the policy applies to older vehicles! Or maybe its just wrong.....


didbygraham said...

These ones are just for refurbishment and then going on back to London. I believe ours are following on later - possibly next year - probably 51 reg buses

Anonymous said...

The Go-Ahead policy of not refurbishing lightweight vehicles doesn't apply to London contracts, where TfL requires refurbishment of existing vehicles which are allocated to new contracts.