Wednesday, 27 October 2010

K801 can't carry on

With thanks, I can bring you these great photos of K801 ORL broken down on the Torpoint Ferry late last week. In his words 
'Bus seemed in good condition, but in spite of strenuous efforts with the starter motor it would not fire up on the ferry when we reached Torpoint.'  
So in classic Torpoint style she floated back and forth across the Tamar with some interesting photo opportunities available with her pictured with a Trident going the opposite way! The stranded passengers were lucky enough to get K803 ORL as a replacement to continue their journey on the 81C. 

Good news from one of the staff today though. He said to me that he had reason to believe that the K-ORLs have quite a secure 2 year future at Torpoint. Though K802 has now been withdrawn this is believed to be simply a bus to nick some spare parts from. Of course really this is quite traditional in that the most tired of a batch will be withdrawn early to keep the rest going!  

As a footnote does anyone know who has secured K801 ORL for preservation? 


Rob said...

Was she on there all day?

Rob said...

801 is still in service! She was on a 83 today

Barrie said...

803 was running Dartmouth to Plymouth and back on the 93 today. Rode on it twice in the Kingsbridge area, it creaks a bit but seems OK.