Friday, 29 October 2010

Scania Enviros gain some branding

A quick trip upto Exeter resulted in me finding some much improved looking Scania Enviro 400s bought a few months ago for use on the 57 to Exmouth and Brixington. The buses, I always felt look pretty bland, and even though these were top of the range new beats, nothing made them stand out amongst the midst of waves of Dennis Enviro 400s. But branding has now been introduced in a similar fashion to the 'Go 2' branding applied to Enviros operating between Exeter and Newton Abbott a couple of years ago. I must say these really do look the part now, a really nice simple route branding measure always looks so much more tidy on vehicles I feel, than an all over advert, especially when they end up overlapping windows. The buses are now named after different wildlife you may be able to find along the Exe estuary, a nice touch! 

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