Friday 11 September 2009

Varios on the move

Amazingly both of the Ex-Torpoint Mercedes Varios have now entered preservation!!

S412 GUB was aquired by the WNPG, for only £1 and will be used as a spare bus if one of the VRs can't attend, so at least there will be presence there even in the form of a Tamar Link Vario.

S529 RWP is now in the capible hands of someone who isn't Terry Partridge, though this will be much more of a frontline preserved vehicle, working along with the likes of Bristol LHs and SUSs. S529 will make her first apearence at the Kingsbridge 7'6 running day in just a week and a half's time!

Shame that it couldn't have been 2 Olympians saved, rather than Varios though!


Anonymous said...

The thing with the vario is that they are so cheap to run and maintain, I am glad at least two of these are being saved.

Terry Partridge said...

Not mine Lawrence ! Tell you at Kingsbridge !

RF442 said...
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