Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The End of the End

Today really has marked the absolute end of the Leyland Olympians in the area. This is the text I received at 2:54pm this afternoon telling me the news:

"Just seen 34812 and 34813 heading for the A38 at Marsh Mills roundabout. Obviously being collected by that Essex bus group. Blinds were set to 812 and 813. Oh its sad to see them go :("

It did come to a shock to me to see that the group has bought both of the sister. Yes lovely to have a matching pair but my worst fear is that one of them may be used for spares!

It must have been quite a sight seeing them parade off in such a fashion. This may have been the last ever glimpse of the sisters in Plymouth forever. However much I'd love them to return down here for the Plymouth Hoe Rally I very much doubt they would bring them all the way down here.

The Essex girls are going 'home'. I must say though as a last note I'd hate to think how long it will take them to get all the way back up to Essex. Especially for C413!

I am currently in the process of uploading all of my Leyland Olympian pictures to flickr and will notify you when this is completed.

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