Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fleet updates

With thanks to David Shepard we can now report that sadly C417 HJN has been scrapped at Henry Flashman's. Dave managed to find out that 6 Olympians have now been scrapped, mainly being the A-THW batch of Olympians that have worked in Cornwall for many years.
On his trip up there to collect some memorabilia he also sited A752 VAF, A great shame as these have been on the roads of Devon and Cornwall for a whole 26years of service. Such a bad way to bow out being scrapped after all those loyal years! This leaves only 1 of the batch still in service, this being A753 VAF. She may be looking tatty but she is still on the road, but for how long!

I am very hopeful that at least one of these will be preserved but I suppose we will have to wait and see!

Also more news in from Anthony of Cornwall is that both of the remaining A-FSA batch of double door Leyland Olympians have now been withdrawn and are idle at Camborne depot. Though from what I gather B112 MSO is still working so she is the last of these Alexander bodied Olympians to still be in service.

Also that 3 of the D-GHY Volvo Citybus' are also going to be scrapped and are withdrawn at Helston depot, again waiting for disposal.

C412 and 413 HJN are still idel in Plymouth. C412 HJN has been sold onto an Essex preservation group though they haven't picked her up yet while C413 seems to have no future as far as I know.

Things really are going downhill fast in the area. It won't be the same without our lovely deckers!

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