Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Another new addition

Though I don't usually put 'faces' into my blogs this one definately deserves a :-(

While walking through the village today, what passed through but ANOTHER Volvo Olympian, this time K801 ORL. She has joined the fleet now, along with sisters, K802 and K804 ORL.

Though some good news which deserves a :-)
is that K804 ORL is currently off the road and will be for a sustained period of time following a collision with a lorry!!

This will mean that the last Leyland Olympian C413 HJN will be in her place, and will cover for her until sh returns. I will try and find out how badly K804 is damaged to let you know roughly how long C413 has to live! But while she is here, I'm definately making the most of her, before its too late!


Unknown said...

Volvo Olympian 34115 due to leave North Devon shortly dont be surprised to see this vehicle at Torpoint in the very very near future.

Unknown said...

Sorry change that it will be 34116 it is leaving North Devon tomorrow Sunday 9th August for Plymouth before heading to Torpoint to replace the last Leyland Olympian

Luke Farley said...

"Save the Children" liveried Dennis Trident, WJ 55 CRZ (32762) was noted operating the 1735 Cremyll to Plymouth 81C service this evening. Presumably another new addition.

Laurence Mayhew said...

Thanks for the information David!
I have now seen her working in Plymouth so can only be a matter of time before she joins the fleet! Thanks again!

Laurence Mayhew said...

Indeed Mr Farley! I was on it!