Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stories on the buses

A feature I may start to include on the blog is of interesting stories that I here on the buses from drivers, and my god they do say some fascinating things once in a while.

To kick of the series is Steve of A-Lines story of when he used to work at People's Provincial in Gosport, driving a whole fleet of Leyland Nationals. He's said that he hated driving these and thats what made him move later on to work at Southdown in Portsmouth. Though he recalls one time when he was sitting in a traffic queue at the lights in the town centre of Gosport, driving a particularly clapped out National. A convertible car pulled up towards the back of the bus, with 2 young, beech blond birds (girls) in. As the lights changed, the young Steve however much he dreaded it, put pedal to the metal, and the National billowed out black smoke all over the car, and into the girl's faces, he said that looking back in his rear view mirror he couldn't even see the car, dowsed by the fumes from the National. And as they went past, Steve got a very powerful look from the 2 girls!

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