Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Blast from the past

Today, as Torpoint will soon start another chapter in the depot's life, I post these pictures very kindly from Mr Derrick Cuff taken back when Torpoint was near totally VR operated. First picture is of the Welsh VR BEP 966V. She was new to the South Wales Transport company and was then the last VR moved to Torpoint in 1990. Tony Body at the wheel here, seen in Bretonside on old route 80! Also remanisiant of the times when buses ran through Devonport, right past my school. When I first joined the school a couple of the VRs still did this route and I used to love spending lunch times looking out for them if and when they came past. Yes even in 2005 I have VR memories which I can tell!

Secondly is of LFJ 843W new to Western National, and was amonsgst the longest serving of the VRs at Torpoint. Again seen here with Tony Body! And you can see by the smile on his face that times were great!!

The whole K reg batch of Volvo Olympians are now in the area and I'm sure it won't be long til the last 2 C reg Olympians are replaced. The last reminder of the Gardner era is nearly at an end.

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