Saturday, 25 July 2009

K802 no longer alone

Today was my first trip aboard the newest addition to the Torpoint Fleet! She arrived only a couple of days ago in place of my favorite Leyland Olympian C412 HJN, which has now been taken away from Torpoint and stored.

K804 ORL is a very pleasant bus to be on. I would nearly say a fit replacement but thats just slightly over the top. They are lovely, very powerful throaty beasts, but nothing will match with the Olympians have in the last 4-5 years they have been working at Torpoint.

This leaves just C413 HJN to go. The last Leyland Olympian in use in Plymouth, and has become quite the old lady of Plymouth. They really have started to stand out in the city much like the VRs did 4 years previous. You always knew something special was coming when you could hear that Gardner roar! This also beckons the end of the era for the Gardner engine, C413 HJN now the last to be using the engine in the city.

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