Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bertie back on the road...

... well was! A-Line Travel R651 YCR also known as Bertie returned to the road yesterday after around a week out of service, with new injectors now fitted. She was running the best I've seen her ever run and even started on the button, though her alturnator has now packed up and is again out of service, meaning X891 YGU (the only bus not yet named) takes over the 80s while the Transit runs X891's school duty. Hopefully she will return to the road soon.

As a quick note these are the names given to the A-Line fleet

Mercedes Vario R651 YCR is Bertie
Volvo B10M E920 EAY is Ellie
Scania JIL 3755 is Vanessa
Mercedes 709 M152 LPL is Milly (though she is un-operational)
so anyone got any ideas for X891 YGU?

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Jamie said...

X plate should be called Gemma