Wednesday 15 July 2009

FDC to drop 181

The route currently operated by FDC from Torpoint to Liskeard is the 181. This was started just over a year ago now and has been run by Varios. Because of the route structure, this has meant that A-Line Travel opted to change they're route to serve St Germans and Kernow Mill etc instead of the old route via Downderry etc which the 181 serves.

Though is has now been announced that 181 will be dropped by FDC and a form has been sent to A-Line Travel to operate the route as '281' if they would like. This is only in the early stages though Jim seems fairly keen on the idea.

Though to my knowledge 281 is the route that Liskeard and District operate between Crafthole and Polperro. Maybe this will have a number change, but it seems strange to do this when it has been established for a fair amount of time. Maybe it was simply a 'typo' on the piece of paper!

This would mean that A-Line would operate on Saturdays for the first time in its history, as that is what the new tender will require. Previously A-Line has only operated buses on Monday to Friday, and this will remain the same for routes 80/A/B.

This does also mean that Mercedes 709 M152 LPL might be brought back out again, and seen in service! A-Line will need to either use her, or to purchase a new bus, and seeing as M152 is currently sitting there, without a use, it seems logical to get her back on the road, as said by driver Steve.

Will be very interesting to see what happens in the coming months, the tender shall start in September if A-Line is to take the route over! PTOTPA will keep you informed.

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Jamie said...

Maybe should buy a 2nd Hand Mini Pointer Dart more people might use the bus then if they can get on and off easily.