Sunday, 30 September 2012

Snap on Sunday and PTOTHA

As promised I have managed to track down what has been an quite an illusive R460 CCV, during about the only sunny day I've had since I moved up here. That said, it hasn't been particularly nice anywhere in the UK over the past couple of weeks, but that hasn't stopped me pushing the concept of it 'never raining' in Cornwall ;-) R460 does appear to be a bit battered and bruised compared to her sisters who've stayed native, and indeed maybe this is the case underneath as well, I've only seen here out earning her keep once in the 15 days I've been in Huddersfield so far. 

The other exciting news for this week is that I've got round to starting the new blog, Public Transport of the Huddersfield Area. After a hiccup with Blogger itself, I've been unable to use the website address I would have hoped to, so have had to resort to the closest I could get, this being WWW.PTOTHA12.BLOGSPOT.COM (it will work typing in lower case as well)! There's a couple of posts on there already, with at least 2 more in the pipeline for the coming week. There's so much out there to explore, not only are Yorkshire and neighboring Derbyshire very beautiful in their own right, but the companies operating within them also make for a very varied and interesting bus scene. With the likes of Trent Barton providing some of the most up to date thinking in the UK in terms of public transport, we can also find at the other end of the scale operators such as TM Travel, who operate a fantastic range of Leylands, Volvos and DAFs to keep the enthusiast happy! In terms of trains, it appears that there is much more loco action, with Class 31s reflectively easy to find. The local HST sets operated by East Midlands Trains are the only ones in the country fitted with the VP185 engines, rather than soulless MTUs we have in the South West, so these are most certainly of interest. And of course, the Class 142 is once again in abundance in my new home town, nice to have them back! 

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