Monday, 20 August 2012

Relaying the Enviros

So to the skeptics that thought the '12 plate Enviros may not return after Olympic duties, fear not! All of the original batch we've had have made it back to Plymouth after their work at Eton Dorney, with a majority of them being out on the PR1 and PR2 today. Quite of a few of them are still clinging onto fame, with their First for London branding. I'd presume this is likely because they'll be needed once again when the Paralymic games start in a few weeks time, and hence would have been a waste having to re-print them all and to re-apply them. As for the Barnstaple stock that has been on loan to cover, three of them have been confirmed working today in place of the 12 plates that aren't back on the road yet, but as to the whereabouts of the rest of them, it appears a bit of a mystery. They may well have been sent back up to Barnstaple again to live out their final few weeks, but then again it does seem somewhat wasteful of time and money to make such a transfer for only a few remaining weeks. We'll just have to see what pans out.  


Steve said...

I wonder what fleetnames they'll get once they're back for good. Buses in Cornwall are starting to have 'First Kernow' names with the Cornish flag applied.

Anonymous said...

All tridents moving back North for the final 4 weeks of operation :-(