Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Benz bonanza

The Mercedes 709D appears to be making somewhat of a comeback in the area of late, now joined by the introduction to service once again of N276 PDV, returning to service out of preservation for the first time in several years. After passing her Class 6 MOT first time yesterday, N276 was brought out onto service 80 this morning, and ran capably and reliably throughout the day, despite having sat out of use at Winkleigh for many months, showing how reliable these little machines really are. I'd like to see a Vario do the same!

She was joined in Torpoint by PUI 6627, also out working today on service 80A/B. giving a nice comparison not only with the differing frontage fitted to them, but also the difference in length. It is quite interesting to note though how much younger PUI does look, despite actually being a year older than N276.

The other 709D (hmm possibly a 811D actually!) that could have been spotted was the South West Ambulance Service's J126 UNV, appearing extremely well presented in Plymouth City Centre.


Anonymous said...

J126 UNV is a long wheelbase Merc 811d bodied by Alexander. If you were to N276 PDV which is the long wheel base 709D alongside it you can tell which is which. One is 9.2m long the other is 8.9m long

Anonymous said...

Shame about the driver of 276