Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Go 2 the Olympics!

How could have I possibly turned down the chance of a day trip to London to photograph vehicles from all over the country gather together in one venue! It was certainly a unique opportunity, unlikely to repeat itself again any time soon, if again in my lifetime at all, and hence the £45 price tag for a return journey to the capital seemed very reasonable! Unfortunately with a somewhat limited knowledge of London itself, decent photography was a huge challenge, but thankfully we did stumble across some quieter areas to acquire some decent photos. Central London just proved a nightmare though, practically impossible without some real knowledge and a fair amount of practice to get the photos you'd want! But anyway, I post here a small selection from the day, all of which are relatively local vehicles to us. At the top we see Go 2 branded Enviro 400 WA08 NOF, of course used on Stagecoach's route along the coast between Exeter and Newton Abbott. Below that you will find Exeter Park and Ride liveried Enviro WA59 FWS, and below that, WA60 FHO, a Torbay based Enviro 400. It seemed slightly strange to me that despite a majority of Stagecoach's newest Enviros having a Scania chassis, that only the ADL versions were used during the Olympics, despite Enviros such as WA08 NOF being comparatively old compared to other on offer. If anyone does know the reason as to why only the ADL ones were used, I've very much appreciate hearing the reasoning behind it. In the mean time if you're interested in some more of my photos taken last Friday in London, then please do follow the link below to view the whole collection. 



G said...

It's very simple, Laurence. It was ADL who were contracted to provide the maintenance cover at the temporary garages, so all the buses used were ADL ones. Instead of going to London some of the Scanias and MANs were shunted around elsewhere to cover for the Dennises that went to London.

That was a lucky capture you got of the P&R bus on the bend leaving West Ham depot! Excellent.

Anonymous said...

How comes the Stagecoach logo was removed?

Anonymous said...

Hi do you know what the seating type is called on the Exeter Park & Ride E400, I know its the same as on Cambridge's bus ways!