Sunday, 12 August 2012

Snap on Sunday

This week, my first go at some night time photography with the D5000, after looking through some fantastic shots produced by the likes of Nick Rice and Shaun Courtnage, to which I have provided some links to at the bottom of this post. With the wonders of Flickr, you are able to delve into the various settings that the masters use to gain the best photos, without this guidence, I would have been completely lost, but am fairly happy with the first attempt! The photo shows Plymouth Citybus Dennis Dart R114 OFJ standing on Royal Parade late on Friday night, about to head for Whitleigh on the 44. It is amazing how different the whole scene looks when dark, the whole atmosphere of Royal Parade, or any area for that matter changes creating a completely different, but certainly desirable photograph to be had!

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