Saturday, 4 December 2010

Olympian Overload

Olympians have been in abundance today around Plymouth with no less than 3 examples on offer, on 3 different routes! Its not uncommon to see at least 1 if not 2 on the Tavistock routes on any given day though. 

Firstly the duo of Olympians on the Tavi routes today were Torpoint's K804 ORL which had escaped today, likely after some maintainence in Plymouth. The other Olympian seen on the Tavi routes today was the 'usual' K614 LAE which is commonly seen on the Tavi routes alongside Tridents and B6s. 

Another example of the K-LAE batch was K615 LAE! Unfortuately the blind was not captured, but I had a very pleasureable trip onboard 615, suprisingly on the 15 to Mainstone! One of the duties is booked to be a double decker, though this is usually covered by a W reg Trident rather than a K reg Olympian, which was a shock for me, and passengers aboard the service alike. 

Lastly was K619 LAE which is not so commonly seen around the city. She was out operating on the 3, and then later switched onto the 6. K803 ORL was also out, on the usual round of 81/As. Really great to see some decent quality vehicles running brilliantly today! 

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