Wednesday, 15 December 2010

K103 SFJ - A final goodbye

With thanks to Darren Hewitt I can bring you this photo of K103 SFJ in her present condition. It was only a few weeks ago I posted an old photo I found that I took on my way home from school back in 2006 of her operating on the 26. Of course its very rare to see a step Dart on the route today ( thought ironically M131 HOD did operate the route for some of yesterday) so it did bring back some fond memories. But now this is the end of the road for K103 after the canabalising of the Darts continues under Go-Ahead operation. Luckily though, as Plymothian Transit has shown, more and more are continuing to escape into further operation with the latest being L118 YOD to Exelabus. 

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