Monday, 20 December 2010

Let it snow...

Right well here come all my amazing interesting photos of the snow scenes in Plymouth. Ah wait! I haven't had a bus service since Saturday! The last service ran Saturday evening. The photos I have gained with thanks to the driver show 32762 at the point at which it could get no further at Coombe End surgery on the hill. He therefore had no choice but to reverse the Trident for some half a mile all the way back to Cawsand Triangle where he could turn in the bus bay, and then run out of service back to Trevol Road. Since then not even A-Line have been able to serve the Rame Peninsula. May I add that A-Line were the first to concede defeat this morning, and the first in the area to let their customers know they would not be running today at 05:49 this morning! 

I do hope to get out and about tomorrow if the weather allows me to, but we have seen a valient effort by all bus companies to sustain a service in these conditions, so well done! So I shall leave you with photos thanks to Jamie and Tom Pearce. 

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