Friday, 24 December 2010

A Christmas treat for Cremyll passengers!

Well lets have a change from buses, and instead a post on the Cremyll Ferry! Northern Belle has now returned to operation after her annual refit. This year it has seemed particularly quick, and Northern is looking spectacular again, ready for another season of hard graft. Its always a momentous day when the Northern returns to work, you get that little warm feeling, which is felt by all passengers, when you know your back in the hands of the best boat. 

A very pleasing addition to the Northern has come up on this refit. For many years we have 'suffered' in the cold while on-board Northern, due to the lack of heaters, combined with the temperature being radiated from the cold water surrounding the hull. Well this year, she has been fitted with heaters! Though this may seem small and insignificant, I'm quite frankly over the moon with it. Finally no more cold winter mornings crossings, it's just going to make my life that bit more pleasant. Well done Tamar Cruising! 

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