Thursday, 19 March 2009

A-Line duplicate!

Today saw R651 YCR suffer engine troubles on the 80s today which left her being very low on power climbing the hill from Millbrook and several other places on route. This led to Steve ringing Jim to tell him what to do next. He took the bus to the Triangle and then waited for Jim to come down. Jim went to rev it up to try and clean it incase of dirty fuel though this made the bus stall. This happened a few times. Jim then "working his magic" in the words of Steve under the bonnet and she jumped into life. As a procaution Jim followed behind in Volvo B10M E920 EAY incase of another mis-hap. Though after 2 runs Jim left Steve to get on with it on the 4:28 from Cremyll. Picture shows E920 on the duplicate taken from R651 YCR.

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