Tuesday, 24 March 2009

As if it couldn't get any worse...

... it does at A-Line Travel. The LDV minibus SK02 WDX turned up this morning to work the routes today in place of the 2 Varios, while an S reg LDV worked the schools along with E920 EAY on the Cawsand schools. The LDV got quite full on its way down to Cremyll with me as the conductor opening up the doors and punching the tickets as people got in to save Jim getting out and running round to do it. It had worked well that morning and when it went onto its trip to Trago was working well. Dave took her over in Torpoint though into this journey, you've probably guessed it BANG! No it wasn't a Turbo this time but a piston had shattered. This meant that the LDV was now unserviceable. This meant that Jim was pretty stuck. The Vario's Turbos will be arriving tomorrow morning and one will hopefully be serviceable by tomorrow but this meant that E920 EAY had to take over the LDV's Cremyll duties after she had finished the school run. E920 driven by Rodger was then taken out of service at Millbrook and swapped for the S reg LDV owned by Cremyll coaches.

Can luck really get any worse for Jim, 3 vehicles off the road in as many days. We really do feel for him at this time and hope things will look up tomorrow when a turbo will hopefully be fitted to one or more of the Varios. Though it is not yet known what bus will replace the LDV tomorrow morning. More news tomorrow. Sorry no pictures of the S reg, camera died on me.

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