Thursday, 29 January 2009

R.I.T 34809

News has come to me of the absence of an Olympian at Torpoint. C409 HJN has now left Torpoint and has moved into further retirement in Truro. 34809 was the first Olympian to be tranfered to Torpoint back in 2005 when LFJ 847W came to the end of her working life. She has been a very reliable and brilliant edition to the depot and I am very sad she has gone.

More recently she has become what I would call the best Olympian at the depot. With 34812 spending all its time off the road, 34813 becoming unreliable and 34817 the same, 34809 has been hardest working of the lot. A great shame she was the one that has gone.

So therefore this looks like the end for the Olympian's life at Torpoint and very likely soon to be the end of there working life. To think this time 4 years ago they were the newbys in town, now I can't imageine Torpoint without them.

The film shows her departing Cawsand on one of her last weeks of service, film is quite fitting seeing her disapear from our bus scene.

R.I.T 34809
(Rest in Truro)

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