Friday, 23 January 2009

More problems at Torpoint

More problems have been happening at Torpoint this week with several buses that have been unseen by myself.

On Wednesday while in Cremyll driver Mike Jacobs had a failed C413 HJN before doing the Cremyll to Torpoint School run. This bus wouldn't get going after layover in Cremyll after the run from Torpoint that morning. More details will hopefully come avalible as I get them. You can also note that for the past month odd she has had a dent where the fleet number is. Likely on a tree or lampost etc.

Thursday saw either a broken down or very late Millbrook school bus. The bus usually reaches Millbrook before my 80 service gets there though it was not seen for the 10 mins we were in the village. Again I will hopefully get more details on this in the near future.

Talking to a driver today (non FDC) we both came to the decision that 3 of Torpoints buses have disapeared. Olympians 34812 and 34817 have not been seen by either or us for the last week 34817 and 2 weeks 34812. Any sightings please let us know. But I would guess again these are in Plymouth for the same reasons as has been highlighted in the previous post.

50306 has also been seen in Plymouth, reading Plymothian Transit it looks like with the wrong destinations aswell!

(New driver in the picture above, its ok no one can see who you are)

PTOTPA will keep you informed of all the happenings at Torpoint in this time and as previously said I'm sure there will be many more.