Sunday, 23 June 2013

Snap on Sunday

I'm sorry, I know that my SoS has all too frequently included one of the fine Ex-Bristol Leyland Olympians, but I did miss the final withdrawal of them from the city, so please do cut me some slack! Also pictured is another bus that I am now led to believe has been withdrawn from the Plymouth fleet, now awaiting her onward fate, this being K801 ORL. As has been discussed for years, 1801 in old money certainly has good reason to be saved, with her being the very first Volvo Olympian registered for the road, so lets hope a plan is afoot for her to enter preservation soon. This is if indeed my leads are correct, and she is no longer working; of course, I haven't been down here to see and confirm this first hand! 

Whilst all this has been going on, two of the K-LAEs continue to dodge the scrapman at every opportunity, with K615 and K629 LAE continuing to operate in service against all odds in Cornwall, somewhat ironic considering that the final K-LAE had been withdrawn from Cornwall for a considerable period, before their return. Also now at work in Cornwall is P568 EFL which had been converted for use on the Torpoint Ferry. It appears that no Olympians are currently needed at Torpoint, with them being able to survive on 5 Tridents and 3 Darts, with the X80 Tridents covering any gaps due to breakdowns. Surprising though that P568 EFL was put into Cornwall, as a vehicle with a ferry lift is required for the Dartmouth Academy school bus which uses the Dartmouth Higher Ferry. K803 ORL is hence the only step entrance vehicle available for this duty now. It seems undesirable to keep a Trident with a ferry lift tied up all day just to operate the morning and evening journey on this service, so you would have thought a spare would be retained, but evidently that isn't the case!


David Jory said...

She's been sold to Mel Williams CBPS. She was withdrawn due to a gasket issue and will need a replacement.

David Jory said...

^ K801 ORL ^