Sunday, 16 June 2013

Snap on Sunday

Today sees the return of the weekly Snap on Sunday feature, this week continuing the Western Greyhound theme. As I mentioned yesterday, the photograph used by WGL on the timetable for this year wouldn't have been my first choice from my collection, although this is wholly likely down to my poor naming of photos on Flickr! In my defense, the naming is horrendously time consuming, and hence, relatively few have been done, as more and more of my free time is eaten away. We shall have to see if we can rectify this soon! Anyway, the photo this week depicts one of Western Greyhounds very impressive looking Optare Solo SRs in Truro, taken at the tail end of last summer. The flower beds are placed perfectly to incorporate them into the photos taken at the layover point for Western Greyhound services in the city, and hence I often capitalise on this, especially when they're in such wonderful bloom as they were during this period. 

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